Southern Illinois Photographic Society


Article I–Name

The name of this organization shall be the "Southern Illinois Photographic Society" (SIPS).

Article II–Purposes

The primary purposes of SIPS are (1) to provide a public forum for the advancement of photographic art in the southern Illinois community; (2) to provide education and technical assistance to the membership on any and all aspects of photography; (3) to provide opportunities for the membership to practice photography in southern Illinois.

Article III–Fiscal Year and Meetings

The operating fiscal year for SIPS shall be January 1 through December 31. The terms of board members will coincide with the fiscal year.

Club business meetings will be held monthly, with an annual meeting taking place in December. Board/planning meetings will be held a minimum of 10 times during the year.
For the purposes of voting, a quorum will be a simple majority of members in attendance.

Article IV–Membership

(A) Membership in the Southern Illinois Photographic Society is offered to anyone over the age of 14 who is interested in photography and who is in good standing relative to the dues membership classification schedule.

(B) Benefits of Membership include: free monthly club e-newsletter, one free classified ad in the newsletter per quarter, the right to participate in club contests, the right to participate in club outings, the right to vote on issues affecting the club, and the right to hold an office in the club.

(C) The Membership Classes of SIPS are:
Single Student Membership–open to students between the ages of 14 and 18.
Regular Single Membership–open to any adult
Family Membership–open to any family of no more than 4 members
Honorary Membership–a calendar year, dues-free membership given to an individual or individuals who have provided extra or unusual support to SIPS. This membership must approved by the Board of Directors.
Honorary Member Emeritus–a dues-free life membership in SIPS. This membership will be for extraordinary and meritorious service to the club that took place over a minimum of a 5-year period. This membership must be approved by the Board of Directors.

Persons who have not paid dues, may attend regular club meetings but may not participate in club activities as noted above in "Benefits of Membership"

Article V–Dues

The dues structure is as follows:
Single Student Member--$15/year
Regular Single Member--$30/year
Family Membership--$40/year

New memberships paid after June 30 will be discounted 50% for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Article VI–Officers, Duties, Elections and Terms of Office

Officers of SIPS will include:
President–The President shall preside at all club meetings and board/planning meetings. If a vacancy should open on the Board, the President will appoint an interim board member for a maximum period of 3 months until a candidates can be identified and a vote of membership taken. The President shall appoint a 3 person committee in October to prepare a list of candidates for officers and board positions for the subsequent operating year. The President shall serve as SIPS spokesperson and retain overall accountability for the fiscal operations and program content.
Vice-President–In the absence of the President, the Vice president shall preside at all club and board/planning meetings. If the President is unable to perform his responsibilities, the Vice-President shall assume that role until such time as the President can reassume those duties, or until the next regular election of officers.
Treasurer–The Treasurer shall maintain records and custody of club funds, collect dues and other receivables, pay expenses in a timely manner, and provide financial updates to the board and to the general membership as requested.
Secretary of Records-The Secretary of Records shall maintain records of all business and planning meetings, and provide written minutes to the board and to the membership upon request. The Secretary of Records shall handle preparation and counts for club votes (such as contests and elections) and for club awards (such as member of the year and photographer of the year).
Secretary of Technology-The Secretary of Technology shall maintain club infrastructure, including the web site, mailing lists, and AV equipment. The Secretary shall be responsible for publishing and distributing the monthly newsletter, and will handle club correspondence.
Board Member-at-Large (5)–Board Members-at-Large will be responsible for assisting with the planning of programs, outings, rules interpretation, and other SIPS business. In matters not requiring action by the membership as a whole, the Members-at-Large will represent the club in votes conducted by the board.

Election and Terms–A slate of officers shall be presented to the club membership for election at the November business meeting each year. Election to office will be determined by a simple majority of those in attendance and voting at the business meeting.

Terms of office–Terms of office shall be for one year for all positions except Treasurer. The Treasurer shall serve for a term of two years. There is no limit to the number of terms an individual may serve in an office or on the Board.


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