Southern Illinois Photographic Society

Regular Monthly Contest Rules & Guidelines
  • Contest entry is limited to paid members.
  • Time limit stipulations (60 days, 12 months) will be held on alternate months throughout the year.
  • All decisions of outside judges will be final.
  • When contests are judged in-house, anyone (member or non-member) attending the regular monthly meeting will be eligible to vote for first, second, and third place.
  • Votes will be weighted with first place receiving 5 pts., second place votes will receive 3 pts., and third place will receive 1 pt. Cash prizes will be awarded from collected entry fees.
  • Images must be no larger than 8.5 x 12 inches and may or may not be matted or framed.
  • For most contests, images may be enhanced but not altered from what was originally present when the image was captured. (I.e., contrast and brightness may be adjusted but elements may not be digitally added or removed from the picture.)  For some contests, which will be specifically designated, images may be digitally altered in any way.  It is planned to offer such a contest every three months.
  • Cost per entry is $3 each with a limit of three entries unless otherwise stated.
Member of the Year Points

(Awarded at Christmas Party)
Attending Monthly Meeting – 1 point
Attending Planning Meeting – 1 point
Attending an Outing – 1 point
Participating in club monthly photo contest – 1 point
Referring a New Member – 2 points
Being a Featured member – 1 point
Being a Program Presenter – 2 points
Arranging for an outside speaker for a program - 1 point
Writing an article for the newsletter - 1 point
Coordinating and leading an outing - 2 points

Photographer of the Year

(Awarded at Christmas Party)
Points will accumulate for monthly contests.
1st place – 4 points
2nd place – 3 points
3rd place – 2 points
Entering - 1 point


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