Southern Illinois Photographic Society

The Southern Illinois Photographic Society

Welcome!  The Southern Illinois Photographic Society is open to anyone interested in photography. Our membership includes both film and digital shooters from the inexperienced to the professional as well as non-photographers who are interested in photography.

What we offer:

Monthly Newsletter, Regular Monthly Meeting with Demonstrations, Guest Speakers, Instructional Programs and Monthly Contests, Monthly Board/Planning Meeting, Exhibitions, Monthly Outings and Field Trips.


Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm. Meetings (except December's) are at the Marion Carnegie Library, 206 S. Market St., Marion, IL. Visitors are welcome, and can join at the meeting.

2016 Membership Dues

Yearly dues:
$30.00 Single Membership
$40.00 Family Membership
$15.00 Student Membership

Club fees are for the calendar year; fees are reduced by 50% after June 30.

Complimentary newsletters are available in the newsletters section.  For questions, please use our contact form.


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